CombatIndicator 2.0.14

Indicates healing / damaging of entities and players through holograms. Highly customizable.

  1. Coder

    Please use the Discussion section to post bugs and suggestions!

    • Stop your server, if it's running.
    • Download the latest version of this resource and place it in your plugins folder.
    • Download Holographic-Displays and install it, if you haven't done yet.
    • This plugin should also work with HoloAPI and Holograms, untested and not recommended!
    • Start your server and profit!
    Note: As holographic-displays needs ProtocolLib to show holograms only to certain players, you'll need ProtocolLib if you want to set restrictions such as permissions-see.

    The config file is located in /your_plugin_folder/CombatIndicator/config.yml and will be created automatically. Be sure to run /combatindicator reload , /reload or restart your server, after you changed this file.

    There are currently the following entrys:
    • check-updates: whether the plugin should check for updates automatically. You should leave this setting to true!
    • radius-x: (and -y -z) The max radius of players the damage information should be shown too.
    • ticks-till-remove: the amount of ticks until the hologram is removed
    • update-ticks: how often (in ticks) an update for the holograms is executed. An update moves the hologram to the right location, checks if it has to despawn etc.
    • yOffsetNormal: Specify the y-offset here, for entities having no custom name
    • yOffsetName: Specify the y-offset here, for entities having a custom name
    • damage and
    • healing:

    How to customize using the healing or damage entry:
    • The simplest: Simple insert the damage format here. For example your config file could look like this:
      Code (Text):
      damage: '&c-%final_val%'
      healing: '&2+%final_val%'
      The '&c' and '&2' are simple formatting codes. '%final_val%' is a variable, see below for more information and variables.

    • A more configurated one: You can insert multiple modifiers:
      Code (Text):
          format: '&c-%final_val%'
          df: '0.0#'
          permission-see: combatindicator.can_see_damaging
          visibleTo: attacker
          format: '&2+%final_val% (%health_percentage% %)'
          permission-see: combatindicator.can_see_healing

      This will use the same format as above, but only shows the dealt damage information to the attacker, who must have the combatindicator.can_see_damaging permission.
      Additionally the decimal format (df) "0.0#" is used. See the Decimal Format section for further information.

      The healing information will only be shown to players having the combatindicator.can_see_healing permission. Behind the healing amount the entity's current health in percent is shown.

    • Multiple formats to fit every need: You can insert multiple of the type explained above, see an example:
      Code (Text):
          format: '&c-%final_val%'
          df: '0.#'
          visibleTo: attacker
          format: '-%final_val% by %attacker%'
          df: '0.000'
          visibleTo: non-attacker

          format: '+%final_val'
          permission-see: combatindicator.see_healing
          format: '&2+%final_val'
          permission-see: combatindicator.see_healing_colored

      This will show the attacker a red information how much damage he dealt, and everybody else a white information about how much damage who dealt.
      Everybody with the .see_healing permission will see a white healing information and everybody with the .see_healing_colored will see a green colored healing information.

    The following variables might be used:
    • %final_val%
      • If used for damage: The final damage, after all reductions (like armour) were calculated
      • If used for healing: The actual amount of added health, f.e. for a non-damaged entity this will always be zero.
    • %half_final_val%: same as %final_val%, but divided by two
    • %val%: the dealt damage (no armour etc. calculations); the possible heal adding (might be more than allowed)
    • %who%: the (display) name of the entity regaining health / damaged
    • %attacker%: (only in damage section) the display name of the attacker, or the name of the attacking mob. If an projectile caused the damage, the name of the projectile shooter
    • %viewer%: the display name of the player viewing the information
    • %health%: the health of the entity after the event
    • %health_percentage%: the percentage of health of the entity after the event

    The following modifiers can be added:
    • df: formats the numbers with the given decimal format

      You can format how a value is displayed. Examples:
      "0.0": always rounds the number to fit. 7.46 => 7.5 and 7 => 7.0
      "0.#": same as above, but no digit after the decimal point if zero: 7.46 => 7.5 and 7 => 7
      "00": no decimals: 7.5 => 08 and 0.1 => 00​
    • visibleTo: (only damage section) (see below)
    • source: (only damage section) information will only be shown, when damage was caused by the set source
    • permission-see: permission which is needed to see the hologram
    • permission-attacker: permission which is needed for the attacker to create a hologram (note non-player-cause will still shown (f.e. through fire))
    • permission-who: permission which is needed for the damged player / healer to create a hologram (note non-player-entities will still shown (f.e. villagers regaining health))
    • NOTE: All permissions might be prefixed by '!', so f.e. permission-who: '!combatindicator.not_seen' will cause everyone with the permission 'combatindicator.not_seen' to never cause holograms.
    • valSmallerEq: hologram will only be shown, when %val% is smaller or equal the given number
    • valBiggerEq: hologram will only be shown, when %val% is bigger or equal the given number
    • finalDamageSmallerEq
    • finalDamageBiggerEq
    • valSmaller
    • valBigger
    • finalDamageSmaller
    • finalDamageBigger

    The following values might be used for the 'visibleTo' restriction:
    • everyone
    • attacker
    • non-attacker
    • none

    The following values might be used for the 'source' restriction:
    • player: a player dealt the damage (f.e. by shooting an arrow)
    • entity: a mob dealt the damage
    • environment: the environment dealt the damage (fire, falling blocks)

    You can use multiple source values (the example will be shown when damage was dealt by a player or an entity):
    Code (Text):
      format: '-%final_val%'
      source: [player, entity]


    Different colors for different amount of damage:
    Code (Text):

        format: '&4-%val%'
        valSmallerEq: 5
        format: '&c-%val%'
        valSmallerEq: 10
        valBigger: 5
        format: '&e-%val%'
        valBigger: 10

    Information about the health of a victim for VIP players:
    Code (Text):

        format: '&4-%val%    &r(%health%)'
        permission-see: ''
        format: '&4-%val%'
        permission-see: '!'

    Random colors for each regeneration hologram:
    Code (Text):

        format: '&2+%final_val%'
        format: '&a+%final_val%'
        format: '&b+%final_val%'

    VIP player don't show regeneration holograms and are the only ones who can see damage holograms:
    Code (Text):

      format: '&c-%final_val%'
      permission-see: 'vip.permission'

      format: '&2+%final_val%'
      permission-who: '!vip.permission'



    /combatindicator reload reloads the configuration


    commandindicator.reload: Needed to access the /commandindicator reload command

    All permissions for the holograms can be set in the config file, see above.
    The default config requires the "combatindicator.see.damage" permission to see damage holograms, and "combatindicator.see.healing" permission to see healing holograms.

    PM me if you made a video and want it to be listed here!
    Credits: @AbsintoJ (YT channel)


    There are various options to improve the performance if you experience any problems caused by this plugin:
    • Decrease the radiusX/Y/Z config parameters
    • Decrease the ticks-till-remove config value
    • Increase the update-ticks value
    • Don't use permission-see and visibleTo config options
    • remove the "damage" or "healing" entry in the config file, if you don't need healing/damage holograms


    • Feel free to request what you would like!


    Do you my plugin?

    I really appreciate every download, vote, comment and suggestion for this plugin!

    For plugin developers: To exclude an entity from showing holograms of any kind, call
    Code (Java):

    This plugin sends data to You can disable this feature in the /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml file.
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    1. Coder
      Author's Response
      Hey supeljnh, thank you for your review!

      If you encounter any problems with this plugin running on 1.9, please tell me more about your issues in the discussion section of CombatIndicator, thank you!
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