CombatIndicator 2.0.14

Indicates healing / damaging of entities and players through holograms. Highly customizable.

  1. Bug fixing

    - fixed bug when an entity teleports to a different world, while showing a hologram
    - added config option "move-holograms" to disable their movement
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  2. Half values

    - you can use the new variable %half_final_val% to have the final value divided by two. Be sure to use a fitting DecimalFormat!
    - added experimental support for the Holograms plugin.
  3. Bug fixes, performance, developer api

    This update is highly recommended:

    - additions:
    === new option "df" to format the values with a decimal format (default is now 0.# which shows 7.0 as 7 and 7.451 as 7.5
    === kind of developer api, to exclude entities from showing holograms

    - bug fixes:
    === bug fix with %health_percentage%

    - further performance improvements
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  4. Small update

    A few performance improvements and fixed config bug.
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  5. Performance update

    This update tries to improve the performance of the plugin. See the (just added) "Performance section" in the plugin's description for further information.
  6. CrackShot support

    This update adds support for the CrackShot plugin.
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  7. Bug fixing and improvements

    This update contains a few bug fixes and improvements.
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  8. Small update

    Update allows the plugin to be used with HolographicDisplays version 2.1.10.

    Additional changes: The plugin will only run about a week after a new update was found, then it will disable itself. (You can turn out this through the config, however I would always advice you to run the latest version, so why would anyone?)
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  9. The "Better holograms" update

    Hey folks!

    I'm proud to announce the 2.0.6 update. It's really taken a long time (endless testing different versions in singleplayer and countless hours digging in nms) to create this.

    What's changed?
    As some users stated, holograms might block player actions (left/right click) in 1.8 due to the used ArmorStands. Since 1.8.2 there is a possibility to remove the boundingbox of the ArmorStand client side, too. However HolographicDisplays doesn't use this functions and I don't know when it...
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  10. Compatibility and bug fixes

    Compatibility and bug fixes