CombatInventory 3

Are you tired of trying to pickup items but your inventory is full? this will help you out

  1. Stefan15ist

    CombatInventory allows players to temporarely pickup items into a virtual inventory and then later drop them on the ground

    Commands & Permissions
    /drops pickup - combatinventory.use
    /drops get- combatinventory.use

    I will add more features as requested, it has the basics right now

    You can either post a resource reply or e-mail me at:
    [email protected], make sure to include all the necessary details

Recent Updates

  1. renamed a few things

Recent Reviews

  1. Bolean
    Version: 3
    It might be awesome but please help i don't really understand
    1. Stefan15ist
      Author's Response
      if your inventory is full and you want to pickup items from the ground you do /drops pickup and then you go to some place safe and do /drops get and all the items that you picked up in your virtual inventory will be dropped on the ground