A simple combat-tagging plugin that allows expansions

  1. SirBlobman
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    suggested by MCMarter
    Bleeding-edge builds can be found in the link below. Remember that bleeding-edge builds can contain bugs that are not fixed in official release versions yet
    Bleeding-Edge Builds

    Please do not report bugs as reviews!

    1) Commands are not being blocked!
    Install the expansion named "CheatPrevention" into the /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions folder

    2) People are getting tagged by fall / lava / non-combat damage, how do I stop it?
    Remove the "NotCombatLogX" expansion
    This is a simple plugin that tags players that are in combat
    if they leave, they will be killed
    Everything is very configurable and expandable
    All messages can be disabled by setting them to '' (language.yml)
    Suggestions for new plugins are appreciated

    CheatPrevention: Prevents people from flying, doing commands, and using potions during combat
    CompatCitizens: Creates an NPC instead of instantly punishing the player
    CompatCrackShot: Shooting entities with weapons will cause you to get tagged
    CompatFactions: Adds support for Factions, FactionsUUID, and Legacy Factions
    CompatPlaceholderAPI: Adds placeholders:
    • %combatlogx_time_left% Check the amount of time left in combat
    • %combatlogx_enemy_name% Name of enemy ("None" if null)
    • %combatlogx_enemy_health% Health of enemy ("None" if NaN)
    • {combatlogx_time_left} Check the amount of time left in combat
    • {combatlogx_enemy_name} Name of enemy ("None" if null)
    • {combatlogx_enemy_health} Health of enemy ("None" if NaN)
    CompatTowny: Adds Towny Support
    CompatWorldGuard: Adds WorldGuard support
    NotCombatLogX: Tags your for fall, lava, drowning, projectile, and all other non-combat damage
    Notifier: Allows the action bar, boss bar, and scoreboard to be updated

    Code (combat.yml):
      check for updates: true
      disabled worlds:
      - WoRlD
      - Lobby
      - Creative
      combat timer: 30
      action bar: true
      boss bar:
        enable: true
        color: YELLOW
      score board: true
      self combat: true
        combat: true
        - PIG
        - COW
      remove combat on enemy death: true
        enable: false
        permission: combatlogx.bypass
      combat sudo:
        enable: true
        - say I am now in combat
    cheat prevention:
      prevent opening inventories: true
      prevent teleportation: true
        no entry: true
        mode: KNOCKBACK
        disable: true
        re-enable after combat: false
      change gamemode:
        enabled: true
        mode: SURVIVAL
      blocked commands:
        whitelist mode: false
        - fly
        - tpa
        - tpahere
        - spawn
        - home
      blocked potions:
      kill loggers: true
      kick: false
        enable: true
        message: true
        enable: true
        - eco take {player} 100
        - mail send {player} You lost $100 due to logging out during combat!
      sudo loggers:
        enable: false
        - say I logged out of combat!
    options.check for updates Set this to true if you want the plugin to notify you when there is a major version change
    options.disabled worlds This is a list of worlds that you do not want CombatLogX to work in
    options.combat timer This is the amount of time (in seconds) that players will be put in combat
    options.action bar (requires Notifier and Bukkit 1.8+) Set this to true if you want a countdown to be shown above the player's hotbar
    options.boss bar.enable (requires Notifier and Bukkit 1.10+) Set this to true if you want a countdown to be shown on top of the player's screen
    options.boss bar.color (requires Notifier and Bukkit 1.10+) Change the color of the boss bar. Valid colors include the following:
    • RED
    • YELLOW
    • GREEN
    • BLUE
    • PURPLE
    • WHITE
    • PINK
    options.score board Set this to true if you want information to show on the side bar when a player is tagged
    options.self combat Set this to true if you want players to be able to tag themselves with arrows
    options.mobs.combat Set this to true if you want entities to be able to tag players
    options.mobs.blacklist A list of mobs that will not be able to tag players. Valid types can be found here: Entities
    options.remove combat on enemy death Set this to true if you want players to be untagged after killing the entity that tagged them
    options.bypass.enable Set this to true if you want to enable the bypass permission
    options.bypass.permission Change this if you want a custom bypass permission
    options.combat sudo.enable Set this to true if you want to force players to execute commands when they are tagged
    options.combat sudo.commands A list of commands that players will be forced to execute (requires 'combat sudo.enable: true')

    All of the config options in the section 'cheat prevention' require the expansion CheatPrevention
    cheat prevention.prevent opening inventories Set this to true if you do not want players to open chests during combat
    cheat entry Set this to true if you do not want players to enter safe zones during combat (requires CompatFactions or CompatWorldGuard or CompatTowny)
    cheat prevention.safezone.mode Change this to different modes:
    CANCEL: Prevent the player from going into the region
    KNOCKBACK: Send the player flying backwards so they cannot enter
    KILL: Set the player's health to 0 when they enter the region
    cheat prevention.flight.disable Set this to true if you do not want players to fly during combat
    cheat after combat Set this to true if you want the flight of players to be enabled after combat if they had flight before combat
    cheat prevention.change gamemode.enabled Set this to true if you want a player's gamemode to change when they get tagged
    cheat prevention.change gamemode.mode Change this to change the gamemode that the player is switched to (requires 'change gamemode.enabled: true')
    cheat prevention.blocked commands.whitelist mode Set this to true if you want the the list to be "allowed commands". Set it to false if you want the list to be "blocked commands"
    cheat prevention.blocked commands.commands A list of commands that will be blocked (whitelist mode: false) or allowed (whitelist mode: true)
    cheat prevention.blocked potions A list of potion types that will be blocked during combat. A valid list can be found here: Potions

    punishment.kill loggers Set this to true if you want players who log out during combat to be killed
    punishment.kick Set this to true if you want players who are kicked to be counted as logging out
    punishment.quit.enable Set this to true if you want players who quit to be counted as logging out
    punishment.quit.message Set this to true if you want a message to be broadcasted when a player logs out during combat
    punishment.console.enable Set this to true if you want console to execute commands when a player logs out
    punishment.console.commands A list of commands that will be executed by console (requires 'console.enable: true')
    punishment.sudo loggers.enable Set this to true if you want players that log out to execute commands
    punishment.sudo loggers.commands A list of commands that will be executed by players who log out (requires 'sudo loggers.enable: true')
    How to install?
    1. Install Bukkit/Spigot, agree to the eula, etc...
    2. Download the ZIP file from the DOWNLOAD button above
    3. Extract the ZIP into /plugins/
    4. Restart your server (DO NOT RELOAD)
    5. Check to see if you have un-needed expansions and remove them
    6. Restart one last time (if needed)
    Plugin Support
    PlaceholderAPI/MVdW requires CompatPlaceholderAPI
    Factions/UUID/Legacy requires CompatFactions
    Towny requires CompatTowny
    WorldGuard requires CompatWorldGuard
    CrackShot requires CompatCrackShot
    Staff Facilities fly/god mode will not be enabled during combat
    CoinFlipper Broken in 4.0.0+, Works in 3.2.0
    Please do not report bugs as reviews!

    1) Improve safe zone detection
    2) Improve the knockback and cancel methods for safezones
    3) Attempt to support the RandomStuff plugin and prevent flying from jet packs (
    4) Kill Rewards
    5) Death Losses

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. turpo
    It's good but when i get tagged it says "U don't have permissions to do this" Please help...
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Please check your config and make sure you do not have any sudo commands enabled
  2. polo002
    Great plugin but any idea why it wont kill players when they logout after being in combat? Its set to true in the config
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Check for console errors
      Thanks for the review :)
  3. Aneryan
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, I will try to add support for more flight plugins
  4. blesk
    The best CombatLog plugin .Juste one thing can i give players money automaticly when they kill other players ? Thanks.
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Working on that, thanks for the suggestion
  5. LinsaFTW
    I knew this was going to be the best CombatLog plugin in spigot.

    I use it since the first release and it never failed me.

    Well, Congratulations :) this plugin is perfect!
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  6. bambu
    Great plugin but for some reason, I cannot make the combatlogx trigger when a player hits another player. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with the plugin itself but I have no idea what causes the problem.

    Did anyone else have this problem?

    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      1) Make sure vanilla "spawn-protection" is set to 0
      2) Make sure you are not in a safezone
      3) Make sure you do not have bypass permissions enabled

      4) If the issue still occurs, PM me on spigot or discord

      Thanks for the review :)
  7. Evan1215
    Amazing combat logging plugins. Works perfectly and much better than any of the other combat logging plugins.
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  8. Mr_Art
    combatlogX activate when hurt my self. i disabled already in config and restart the server but nothing happen help me thanks
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Remove the NotCombatLogX from your expansions list and don't report bugs as reviews in the future
  9. SilverHuskey
    I hate CombatTagPlus and PVPManager go bad after 1.8, Thanks for making a plugin that is easy to use and actually works as said... One problem though.... The player health bars vanish from above their head in combat...
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      I do not create player health bars, so it must be another plugin causing this. Try disabling the scoreboard option and see if that fixes it

      Thanks for the review :)
  10. fages
    The best plug-in in its genre
    the developer does not throw the plug-in, but on the contrary, improves it with each time
    1. SirBlobman
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the good feedback :)