CombatLog with eXpansions


    WARNING! This update requires you to reset citizens.yml due to major changes.

    Resetting language.yml is optional if you want any of the new messages

    Developer API
    - Added new method CombatUtil.forcePunish(player) to bypass the event checking

    Expansion - Lands Compatibility
    - Added support for Lands 2.8

    Expansion - Cheat Prevention
    - Added 30 second cooldown to some messages due to spam

    Expansion - Citizens Compatibility
    - Recoded this expansion and its config for a better experience
    - This should lower the amount of bugs and work way better than before
    - Added "attack first" option if you use Sentinel NPCs
    - Added option "reset on damage"
    - Added option "prevent login"
    - Moved all options to their proper categories
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