An expandable combat-tagging plugin with actual logging options

  1. API and Bug Fix Update

    - Added API method onConfigReload() to Expansions
    - Fixed a teleport bug with WorldGuard
    - (needs testing) Fixed a Townt bug with infinite knockback (needs testing)
    - Expansion configs will now reload whenever you do "/clx reload" due to the API change
    - Moved Notifier config options to their proper folder
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  2. Bug Fixes (again)

    - Fixed an issue with CompatFactions still having a dependency on CompatPreciousStones
    - Started working on compatability with Residence
    - Fixed a bug with WorldGuard in which region priority was being ignored.
    - Updated To Do.list
    - Fixed player and killer variables for Rewards
    - Made sure an actual enemy didn't get overrided by a null enemy
    - Fixed NotCombatLogX still tagging in WorldGuard regions with arrows
    - Added the ability to disable certain worlds in CompatWorldGuard
    - Fixed some...
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    - Added version information into the plugin.yml
    - Added "use sentinel" config option for CompatCitizens
    - Added a command "/combatlogx version" to help with debugging
    - Added API method `Expansions.getExpansions()`
    - Added API method `Util.sendInfoMessage()`
    - Changed permission message for /combattime
    - Updated plugin.yml description for `/combatlogx`

    Please PM me if you have any suggestions or if you have found a bug.

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  4. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a bug where flight and chat were still disabled even though a user had bypass
    - Changed API method Combat.tag(). You no longer have to check if the player has bypass. This is done within the method
    - Fixed some other bugs, PM me if you find some that still exist
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  5. Hearts Bug Fix 2

    Another attempt to fix the 0 hearts bug
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  6. Force Fields

    Don't forget to update your expansions when updating CombatLogX

    - Fixed flight bugs
    - Updated CompatPlaceholderAPI to the new methods in PlaceholderAPI
    - Made messages not get sent if a world was disabled
    - Fixed players riding horses, boats, or minecarts being able to bypass WorldGuard/Factions safezones
    - Fixed players with chorus fruits being able to bypass WorldGuard/Factions safezones
    - Added forcefields thanks to Olivo#3313 on Discord
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  7. Bug Fix

    - Fixed a bug that caused players to become invincible or not show hearts
    - Added a check and auto-fix for those players
    - Changed the default rewards message
    - Fixed plugin.yml having the wrong version

    - Make sure you update ALL your expansions
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  8. Minor Errors

    - Fixed an error with some expansions
    - Removed accidental usage of PreciousStones in the Factions expansion
    - Fixed rewards config not loading
    - Removed spacing from expansion loading
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  9. Major Update

    - You must reset all of your configs!
    - Make sure you update ALL of your expansions along with the normal jar file

    - Renamed some config classes
    - Added Rewards expansion
    - Moved config options to their proper expansion
    - Changed expansion versions
    - Fixed Towny knockback bug
    - Added console commands when a player is tagged
    - Added config option for linking wolves and other pets
    - Fixed a bug that cause players to steal kills by logging out (Fixes Issue...
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  10. Chat

    - Fixed a bug that prevented chat from being opened during combat
    - The chat box will still be closed when you first get tagged
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