combatTracker 2.1

No more escaping combat!

  1. ImDeJay
    When 1 player engages in a fight with another player, both players are put into combat. During the allotted time, if either player tries to logout, they will be slain and therefor dropping all their items for the other player to grab.

    You may also disable the use of certain commands, or all commands while in combat, so players are not able to do /home or /spawn to escape a fight.

    • /ct reload
      • Reload the configuration file.
      • Requires permission node "combatTracker.admin"
    • combatTracker.bypass
      • Players with this permission are not marked in combat while being attacked or attacking another player.
    • combatTracker.admin
      • Players with this permission have access to reload the configuration file.
    Code (Text):
    # combatTracker config

    # Message sent to player when put into combat.
    # combatMSG: disable <- to disable
    combatMSG: "You are now in combat!"

    # Message sent to player when no longer in combat.
    # noCombatMSG: disable <- to disable
    noCombatMSG: "You are no longer in combat!"

    # Time(in seconds) a player should remain in combat
    combatTime: 10

    # Message sent to player when trying to use a disabled command
    cmdDisabled: "Command disabled in combat!"

    # Message displayed to the server when a player combat logs.
    # broadcastMSG: disable <- to disable.
    broadcastMSG: "<player> just logged out during combat! What a wimp."

    # Commands to disable while a player is in combat.
      - tpa
      - tpahere
      - spawn
      - home
      - warp

    # Set this to true if you want ALL commands disabled during combat.
    disableAll: false

    # Set this to true if you'd like to kill the players the combat log.
    killOnLogout: true
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