ComboCounter 1.0

Track your combos in real time

  1. Islandscout
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Combo Counter

    This project has been abandoned. There will be no more updates for this project.
    Track your combos in real time using this plugin. When you engage in combat and get your opponent in a combo, the plugin will notify your current combo streak.

    This plugin can send ACTIONBAR messages by itself! (1.8 +)
    (might add a hook for the plugin ActionBar soon)

    Default messages:

    ActionBar messages:

    • Move "ComboCounter.jar" to your plugins folder in your server's directory.
    • Reload or start the server to enable the plugin.
    • Modify "config.yml" in "/plugins/ComboCounter" if necessary.

    Code (Text):
    #Should combos reset after a certain time limit?
    killComboTime: true

    #Time required to pass until combo is reset (in ticks)
    killComboTimeAmount: 20

    #Should combos reset once damaged by another player?
    killComboDamaged: true

    #Amount of combos required to start messaging
    minComboCount: 3

    #Message combo number every X hits
    #eg: a value of 5 will make the plugin message every 5 hits
    comboCountDivisible: 1

    #Display on ActionBar or in chat messages?
    #Set to true for ActionBar (REQUIRES 1.8) and false for chat.
    actionBar: false

    #Combo counter message
    #Use %combo% to replace with the combo number
    #Use & to change color
    message: '&aCOMBO %combo%'

    ToDo list:
    • Add hook for plugin ActionBar
    • Rename config value "minComboCount" to "minHitCount" to resolve confusion
    • Load config into memory on enable rather than getting values for every damage event (silly me)
    Found a bug or have a suggestion? Please PM me or report it in the discussion section.

Recent Reviews

  1. JustRandomGuy
    Version: 1.0
    wow that what i needed
    great plugin but can u make it work with other plugins like action bar it will be great (bad english)
    1. Islandscout
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'll consider your suggestion. Might push an update by Friday.