CombozEssentials 1.1

A nice but handy essentials plugin

  1. CustomEnchants

    Hey guys this is the plugin i'm doing tutorial on on youtube
    /near Shows who is nearby radius configurable in the config
    /nightvision Gives you a infinite nightvision effect
    /rules Sends you the server rules configurable in the config
    /staff Shows which staff members are online
    /staffchat Special chat for staff members
    /vote Gives you the links where you can vote configurable in the config
    /website Gives you the link to the server website configurable in the config
    getmycombos.near access to /near
    getmycombos.nightvision access to /nightvision
    getmycombos.staff this will put you in the stafflist
    getmycombos.staffchat this will allow you to say something in staffchat
    getmycombos.staffchat.recieve this will allow you to see messages from staff chat
    Author: GetMyCombos
    activated-nightvision: '&6You have activated NightVison'
    chunkentitylimit: 50
    nearby: '&6Players nearby: '
    near-radius: 200
    no-permission: '&cI''m sorry but you don''t have access to this command if this is
    an error please contact a server administrator'
    - Rule 1 Do not disrespect players
    - Rule 2 Do not threat to ddos people (Perm & Global ban)
    - Rule 3 Do not make threats to kill someone / promoting suicide
    - 'Rule 4 Do not advertise other servers '
    - Rule 5 Do not spam in chat
    - 'Rule 6 Do not spam staff members '
    - Rule 7 Do not ban evade (Playing on alt account whilst banned)
    - Rule 8 Do not ask for gamemode/op/items/fly/ranks
    - 'Rule 9 No hacked clients '
    - Rule 10 No glitching into bases (Enderpearl glitch is allowed)
    - Rule 11 No racism
    - Rule 12 No chargebacks
    staffprefix: '&4&l[&6&lStaff&4&l]&r'
    staffchatprefix: '&4&l[&6&lStaffChat&4&l]&r'
    staffchat-usage: '&cCommand Usage: /staffchat <msg>'
    - (Example link)
    worlds-no-rain: []
    website: '&l'
    join-msg: '&4&l(&c&l+&4&l)&e{PLAYER}'
    leave-msg: '&4&l(&c&l-&4&l)&e{PLAYER}'

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  1. Leodur2006
    Version: 1.1
    No even /spawn, /setspawn, /warp, /setwarp, /home, /sethome, /gamemode, /gm, /powertool, /fireball...
    1. CustomEnchants
      Author's Response
      Why are you even reviewing a resource that hasn't been updated in 3+ years lol.
  2. glasseater84
    Version: 1.1
    Very high-quality plugin. Knows what he's doing, and cares about it very good job keep it up superbrian :D