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    ComeNGo is a very lightweight plugin that doesn't have a config and can migrate the files from FirstLastSeen by NuclearW to UUID files. Cause of this plugin is, that we use FirstLastSeen on our server and now we havn't UUID support, so I wrote this one.

    Which commands does this plugin have?

    The commands are the same as in FirstLastSeen.

    /firstseen <player>
    Show you the date where the given player joined the first time your server.
    /lastseen <player>
    Show you the date where the given player quited the last time your server.
    /seen <player>
    Show you both dates in following order: "Join Date", "Quit Date"
    See below


    Allow all commands
    Allow the command /firstseen
    Allow the command /lastseen
    Allow the command /seen
    Allow the command /migrate

    How does the migration work?
    First you have to copy from the FirstLastSeen/data directory to the ComeNGo/data directory.
    Then you can start the migration with the following command:

    After that, the plugin put the new data in a new directory -> ComeNGo/newData
    The name of the files are now the UUID and inside the file is the playername.

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