Command Blocker [Simple] 1.1

Command Blocker denies access to certain commands like /pl, /v.

  1. TheProGeek
    Hello Everyone!

    This is a very simple script for Skript. This blocks access to certain commands (easily addable) to your players.

    Code (Text):
    - commandblocker.bukkit (/bukkit:me, /bukkit:pl etc..)
    - commandblocker.<command> (/me, /pl etc...)
    Blocked Commands:
    Code (Text):
    Adding more commands is just easy as copying and pasting.
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  1. Individual Permission

Recent Reviews

  1. Anrotje1
    Version: 1.1
    Works like it should. Loving this so far! :)
    1. TheProGeek
      Author's Response
      Thanks for you feedback!
      Contact me for any help!
  2. Kopsukka
    Version: 2015-06-23
    Does what it does.
    Maybe add an option to add the commands in-game?
    Also, could you make different permissions for different commands? Like "commandblocker.bypass.thecommandgoeshere", ex. - the commandblocker.bypass.* would allow to bypass all the blocked commands, of course.
    1. TheProGeek
      Author's Response
      I'll add the feature of commands in-game in a later day.
      As of the individual permissions, It will be out the next update :)