Command Blocker - Stop players finding plugins! 1.2

Block all the commands which players can use to find plugins!

  1. Tagtart
    A very simple plugin designed to stop players stealing a server's plugins. It blocks all commands that a player can use to locate which plugins you use.

    These are the commands blocked:
    All starting with '/minecraft:', '/bukkit:' and '/spigot:'.
    /ver & /version
    /pl & /plugins
    And if you set block_help to true:
    /help, /ehelp, /essentials:help, /essentials:ehelp

    If the player has the permission 'commandblocker.bypass', or if they are opped, then they will bypass the block and use the commands normally.

    There is a very simple config with two options, 'blocked_message' which is set to '&cNice try. Nope!' by default. Change this to change the message sent to the player when they try to access a command.
    The second option is 'block_help', and if this is set to true, the /help command will be blocked. By default the value is true.

    If you find any bugs, open a ticket or discuss this resource with that glitch, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the plugin, and please rate and review!

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