Command Blocker Ultimate 1.5.5

This wonderful plugin allows you to block specific commands from being executed and tab-completed!

  1. xxyy98
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Dmck2b (Awesome banner in!)

    CBU allows you to block commands and tab-complete on Bungee and Spigot. It's free software. If you encounter any problems, open an issue on GitHub.

    Minecraft 1.13 is not supported currently, but will be in the future. [more info]

    Key Features
    CBU aims to be highly configurable and efficient. It allows to block any command by its name, automatically resolving aliases and blocking them. (by default) For servers with ProtocolLib installed on Spigot, it also offers to block tab-completion for blocked commands. This is supported natively on BungeeCord.

    So where do I get it?
    You can get the plugin via either of these distribution channels:
    Note: The plugin requires Java 7 or higher to function. Blocking tab-complete on Spigot will not work when ProtocolLib is not installed.

    Installation Instructions for Spigot
    For a basic installation:
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Drop CommandBlockerUltimate (the .jar file you just downloaded) into your plugins folder.
    3. Also drop ProtocolLib and Yamler into your plugins folder, if you do not already have them.
    4. Start your server.
    5. Examine the configuration file at plugins/CommandBlockerUltimate/config.yml and configure to your likings. (Syntax|Default)
    6. Apply your changes by restarting your server.
    7. If you encounter any problems, feel free to open an issue on GitHub.
    For more information, find a more detailed installation guide in the wiki.

    Why can't I block /? ?
    You have to escape it in YAML. Read this.

    Installation Instructions for BungeeCord
    Please find the installation guide in the wiki.

    Plugin Metrics Disclaimer
    Plugin Metrics are small bits of anonymous statistical information sent to a server so I can have an idea of my plugin's usage and possibly make it fit your needs better. If would prefer not to send any data, you can find information on opting out of the program here. Find more general information about Plugin Metrics on this page. Check this page for an overview of the data that has been collected about this plugin so far!

    Is this the same as Ultimate Command Blocker 420 by LaxWasHere?
    Nope. See this post for details.

    I have even more questions, suggestions or problems!
    Good thing I have another extended FAQ covering common problems and how to get support. If you still have a problem after reading that, feel free to open an issue on GitHub, and I'll be happy to look into it! :)

    Special Thanks to @Dmck2b for making that wonderful banner in the README it looks very good

    If you want to be notified when this plugin updates, you can watch this resource (small link below the download button). For something completely different, try following me on Twitter.

    Please, make sure you follow all instructions on this page before leaving a review. If you require assistance, please open an issue on GitHub, I'm happy to help you. (or ask for help in the forum thread) It is pretty much impossible to provide support in reviews.

Recent Reviews

  1. GVB_LT
    Version: 1.5.5
    Please update to 1.16, its very good plugin because is stop commands like /?, other plugins can't do that
    Version: 1.5.5
    It works perfect. You can add and remove commands in the config, but make sure to remove the /help command cause It's blocked by default. Awesome plugin!
  3. Octopixel
    Version: 1.5.5
    Awesome plugin that every Minecraft server should have. It's simple and easy to use, unlike other command blocker plugins I tried to use. 11/10, works like a charm.
  4. cristofer123
    Version: 1.5.5
    Friend is a good plugins I use it on my server until I made a review in Spanish I give it 5 stars I hope that the person likes your plugins I will leave you the link of the tutorials I hope that I update it more constantly

    the plugins tutorials

  5. Temporaly001
    Version: 1.5.5
    Trash, the plugin doesn't work, by default it blocks the /help command, hmm, but I'm still able to use it.
  6. iJavaProyect__
    Version: 1.5.5
    Excelent plugin bro, good joob :D! . .
  7. iDummy
    Version: 1.5.5
    Sorry, this plugin have a terrible function, is very very very difficult to apply on plugins whit Yamler, so I decided leave 1 star. I had resolved whit luckperms and config.yml in spigot
    1. xxyy98
      Author's Response
  8. SquidTheJim
    Version: 1.5.5
    Switched to this from HideAndCustomPlugins, this is much easier to configure since it gets aliases for you. Had to add icanhasbukkit manually, otherwise no issues encountered on 1.12.2 with ProtocolLib 4.4.0 :D
  9. ArtutoGamer
    Version: 1.5.5
    Great plugin with a lot of customizable options. The author is helpful and fixed my issue in less than 2 days
  10. LegionFrost
    Version: 1.5.4
    Great plugin, Works perfectly and very helpful author! <3
    i would recommend it. :)
    anyway... can i block the command ONLY in the specific world?
    1. xxyy98
      Author's Response