Command Blocker 2.1.1

The easiest and most simple way to disable commands! [1.4.7 - 1.17+]

  1. TreyRuffy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    For versions that require Command Blocker Legacy (1.4.7-1.8.7), head to

    What does this do?:

    This is a very simple plugin which allows you to block commands with custom messages! You are even able to add your own commands you wish to block!

    What does this add?:
    This adds the option to disable commands for other players. Some of which include: /plugin, /help, and even custom commands you can choose. You can add a command to the list in disabled.yml or with the command /cb add <command> [permission] [message]. If no message and/or permission is added, then it will use the default messages in config.yml! Also allows you to disable tab completion if ProtocolLib is installed (Optional)! You can now also add commands to block for OPs in opblock.yml! Also, now you can add this plugin to BungeeCord for BungeeCord support!


    Please do not post poor reviews because you want a feature added. Doing so will more than likely not have the feature added.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ughhhhhhhhhh
    Version: 2.1.1
    Out of the 10 command blocking plugins I have tried, this is the only one that is up-to-date. However, I need to block a command that contains spaces, how can I do so? Otherwise that it works great too!
  2. Kixhiz
    Version: 2.1.1
    I find this plugin really simple but effective! The permission & message system is good.
    Very good work.
  3. China_XueBi
    Version: 2.0.0
    I can't block /? commands,is 1.16.5 not supported? ٴٴٴٴٴ .ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ
  4. CAEC64
    Version: 2.0.0
    This is the best command blocker plugin, it blocks autocomplete and even hacked clients can't reveal the plugin list!
  5. Danill2
    Version: 2.0.0
    How can I block a command that contains a space? Help.ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ ٴٴٴٴٴ
  6. RulleR
    Version: 2.0.0
    Doesn't block Tabcomplete on Spigot 1.16.5, inconvenient way of blocking commands, each command must be entered separately
  7. Cas_b_02
    Version: 2.0.0
    Works great on all version except not on 1.16 (what is stated in description somewhere)
    1. TreyRuffy
      Author's Response
      It should work on 1.16, can you DM me and help me understand what does not work
  8. bunny119
    Version: 2.0.0
    Works perfectly!! Thank you so much- This made my server a lot more secure! 5 Stars
  9. LogitechHero
    Version: 2.0.0
    Thanks a lot for this plugin! I really love him! I recommend to all!
    Спасибо огромное за этот плагин! Я действительно люблю его! Рекомендую всем!
  10. ItsEatHam
    Version: 2.0.0
    Very Good Plugin!
    One thing Though, how am I supposed to block /?, I get this when trying to block it: "/? could not be added to the disable.yml file." Any Help Would be Appreciated!