Command Builder 2.2.0

A framework for constructing Bukkit commands

  1. LlewVallis
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    • 1.16
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    Command builder is a framework for constructing Bukkit commands. At its core, it allows you to write the essence of your command without having to worry about parsing arguments and plumbing things together. Here's a quick example that creates a calculator command for adding or subtracting two numbers:

    Code (Java):

    public class MyPlugin extends JavaPlugin {

       public void onEnable() {
           new CommandBuilder()
                   .build(new ReflectionCommandCallback(this), getCommand("my-command"));

       private void execute(CommandContext ctx,
                            @StringSetArgument.Arg({ "add", "sub" }) String operation,
                            int a,
                            int b) {
           int result;
           if (operation.equals("add")) {
               result = a + b;
           } else {
               result = a - b;

           ctx.getSender().sendMessage("The result is: " + result);
    Command builder also lets you define your own types of arguments and has other powerful features to make creating commands easy. Feel free to contact LlewVallis#5734 on Discord if there is any thing I can help with.

    See the project's GitHub page for more information and installation instructions.