Command Distance Limiter 1.1

Limits a command so it can only be used within a certain distance from a location

  1. Strahan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Quick plugin I threw together for someone on the forum. This allows you to restrict the use of a command to a certain distance from a location. So if you were roleplaying and had a plugin that allows you to shoe horses for speed benefits, let's say the command is /shoe. You could restrict the command /shoe so it can only be used within like 10 blocks of the blacksmith shop in a village.

    You can use it on multiple spots in a world, so if you have five blacksmith shops in your town you can mark each one for that command.

    I only tested on 1.16.1, so no promises on 1.15 or older.


    /CDL SET
    command distance
    cdl.set or cdl.admin
    Sets a restriction. So using the example above, I'd be sure to be in the world where the blacksmith is then do /cdl set shoe 10. Set distance 0 to disable. Once you run this, you will need to go click on a block. The block you click will be considered the center for distance checks.

    cdl.list or cdl.admin
    Shows a list of all distance limited commands

    cdl.reload or cdl.admin
    Reloads configuration from disk

    Messaging is in the config, but there is one thing I need to explain. The message sent when someone is too far away, by default, is in "too-far-global". You can customize the message individual to the command or to command and world. So if you want the generic message to be "Too far away!" but for the /shoe example have it say "You need a blacksmith to shoe a horse!". Also let's say you have /god restricted to churches in villages on 5 worlds and don't want to have to set 5 duplicate messages. You can set the command itself as the value instead of making it a configuration section. See the example below:
    Code (Text):
      (other stuff removed for brevity)
      too-far-global: '&cToo far away'
          world: '&cYou need a blacksmith to shoe a horse!'
        god: '&cYou need a priest to make you a deity!'
    I didn't put a whole lot of time into testing, so if you hit a bug just let me know.

Recent Reviews

  1. Trixx4K
    Version: 1.0
    This looks like it will work with a bit of updating. 1.15.2 messages don't work. You get stuck in the block picking mode. When I re-logged all it set a center point automatically and the plugin kinda reset itself back to the start.
    1. Strahan
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that. I am about to run to the store and gotta drop some crap off at my friend's place, but once I get home I'll fire up 1.15 and test on it and resolve the issues. I'll send you a PM when 1.15 operations are solid.