Command Items 1.2.0

Add a command to any item!

  1. SnowCutieOwO
    Version: 1.2.0
    Good plugin!
    just the plugin i need uwu
    but can you add some pictures?:D
    and can you make it have a gui?
    (hold a item with special lore or name and type a command can open a gui to edit item command and its lore or name.)
    1. fishy_ydrib
      Author's Response
      Sure, I’ll consider adding the GUI
  2. TheHytapZEngine
    Version: 1.1.0
    Good plugin very nice,but is there way to run command as player without permission? ,example i doesnt have permission, but if i use command item with the command /fly i can fly without permissions
    1. fishy_ydrib
      Author's Response
      Join my discord: It is not a feature currently, but I could try to add it.

      Thanks for the nice review by the way!