Command Log/Block Reloaded [1.8+] 1.2

Logs and blocks commands that will help with command abuse!

  1. Rangaofdeath
    Command Log/Block Reloaded
    Also blocks commands!
    Revamped version of CommandLog by sd5


    Command Logger Reloaded is a plugin that will allow you to log certain commands that go into a separate log file. You may also block certain commands as well.

    commandlog.notify - access to be notified when a command is logged
    commandlog.admin - access to the commands
    commandlog.bypass - bypass blocked commands (ops don't need this)

    /cl clear - clears the log file
    /cl add - adds commands to list
    /cl list - lists logged commands

Recent Updates

  1. Blocked Commands Added
  2. Permissions Update
  3. Updated code!