Command Panels Classic | Custom GUIs 2.12.2

Fully Custom GUIs. Make your Server Professional.

  1. RockyHawk
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    The full version of CommandPanels now supports legacy versions. Download it HERE instead.

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    • Super Lightweight
    • Generate Panels in-game
    • Use any item and assign it as many commands as you want
    • Set all the empty slots to any item you want
    • Use Placeholder API to allow for further customization
    • Set items in the GUIs to any name and lore
    • Make as many different Panels as you wish
    • Complete format control
    • Open panels with items in your Hotbar
    • Buy and Sell items from the Panels
    • Add prices to commands
    • Create menus for players Hotbars
    • Open Panels from Signs
    • Make specific Permissions for Panels
    • Create custom commands to open Panels
    • Use custom heads in Panels, HeadDatabase supported
    • Includes built-in placeholders
    • Set permissions to open panels
    • Play a sound when a panel opens
    • Enchant items in the Panels
    • Set stack sizes for items in Panels
    • Play sounds when items are clicked
    • Teleport the player when items are clicked
    • Ability to execute commands from the console
    • Custom commands for different click types
    • BungeeCord support for server selectors
    • List the Panels you have installed on servers
    • Open panels for players from the console
    • Smart Refresh to refresh placeholders while panels are open
    • Run commands when panels open
    • Use the standalone editor to make panels with ease
    • Support available on Discord

Recent Updates

  1. Version 2.12.2
  2. Version 2.12.1
  3. Version 2.12.0

Recent Reviews

  1. ItzAndieHD
    Version: 2.10.0
    Permissions doesn´t work Help ??
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review,
      You can get support on the Discord,
      There is a guide on the wiki for permissions too.
  2. zMaster_
    Version: 2.10.0
    Best plugin, and now with hasperm , yes baby good very good work BEST PLUGIN EVER.
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  3. zMaster_
    Version: 2.9.3
    Best Free Plugin that i see... PLS add "hasvalue" for CommandPanels Classic i very need it.
  4. neyak
    Version: 2.9.3
    Hello, this plugin is incredible and I would love to use it! But when I but the plugin in my plugin folder, the plugin folder doesn't create itself! And when I connect to my server and I type /pl the plugin is displayed in the plugin list but when I type /commandpaneldebug ... /commandpanelreload... it doesn't work ! If you could help me it would be nice :)
  5. Rick129NL
    Version: 2.9.3
    This is a great plugin! However, I have a question: is it posibble to add a delay on commands with this plugin?
  6. GERTY__
    Version: 2.9.3
    Excelente plugin y excelente soporte, muy útil, lo utilizo en mi servidor y si vale la pena.
  7. xuanzhou
    Version: 2.9.3
    Good!I can see your efforts and this plugins is greatful and talented.May I repost it to mcbbs(The biggest forum in China)?I'll let more chinese user know your project and support your work.Looking forward to your kind& positive reply
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      Yes, you may, thanks for the review :)
  8. TheLaBi
    Version: 2.9.3
    Excellent plugin

    Can I share the spigot link with my friends on the Chinese Forum

    Thank you very much.
    1. RockyHawk
      Author's Response
      yeah sure no problem
  9. IceVision
    Version: 2.9.1
    Can you add a time command and Change Item in the time.

    If i offer my Daily Reward their is a Chestminecart
    But if i offer my reward twice their is a minecart.
    And Add a Timer That you Clan Click on a Single Item all 24hours

    Thank you and Great plugin