Command Panels | Custom GUIs 2.6.1

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  1. Version 2.6.1

    Visual Fixes and additions
    • The ability to enable and disable the message when a panel is disabled in your world
    • There is now support to change the message that is given when the panel is asking for input
  2. Version 2.6.0

    The Animation Update
    • Added the ability to animate materials in your panels!
    • You can now view a list of panels available in the autocomplete list (panels you don't have permission for will not be in the list)
    • Panel Snooper mode. If enabled in the config, the console will show a message saying a player has opened or closed a panel
    • Disabled worlds support. You can now disable panels for certain worlds
  3. Version 2.5.2

    Small additions
    • Added Yaw and Pitch to the teleport= tag
    • You can now use XP as a currency, with the xp-paywall= [price] tag
  4. Version 2.5.1

    Input Fix
    • Fixes and optimises the %cp-player-input% placeholder
      Typing 'cancel' would not remove the command and it would still happen next chat message
    • Added the ability to edit the cancel text to anything in the config
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  5. Version 2.5.0

    Input for commands
    • Using the placeholder %cp-player-input% you can now ask the player to enter input (in the chat) for the placeholder to change to the input message
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  6. Version 2.4.5

    Share your panels
    • Adds the command /cpd to open the link to the command panels database on discord, which allows you to share panels and view other panels on the database.
  7. Version 2.4.4

    Adds SUDO commands
    • Some plugins like a custom commands plugin will only let players execute those commands. You can now execute those commands in panels using 'sudo= [command]' in the commands section of items.
  8. Version 2.4.3

    Bug Fixed
    • Items stolen from panels from shift-clicking at the same time as closing the panels will now be deleted from their inventory.
  9. Version 2.4.2

    Noperm and Hasperm
    • Fixed noperm and hasperm from working properly some of the time, when there is more than one panel in the panel file
  10. Version 2.4.1

    Editor Update
    • Fixes for future releases of Command Panels Editor, to allow for better integration