Command Regions - Execute commands in regions! (> 1.13 & 1.12) Command Regions REBORN

Create regions (built in in-game region creator) and execute commands on region enter or leave

  1. Command Regions REBORN

    Command Regions has been moved here. (downloading this resource will download the first release of...​
  2. VERSION 1.4.4

    Fixed some issues concerning CraftBukkit users.
  3. Minor bug fixes

    Not much of an update, just graphical and bug fixes.

    • Fixed the version of the plugin.
    • Fixed the description of the plugin.
    • Made it so the commands are not caSe SensitIve anymore.
  4. Implementation of world-name changes for regions.

    • Optimized plugin's code.
    • Changed so you are able to change the world-name for each regions and which worlds they will work in.

    (1) change(s) is made to the config.yml;

    If you're updating from version 1.4, do add world-name for each regions accordingly.
  5. Implementation of PLAYER placeholders.

    • Implemented player placeholders. (You can now check the player's name who just entered or left the region, using it in a command or enter/leave message.)

    If you're updating from version 1.3, there is nothing you need to add to the configuration.yml except, now you can use %player%.

    An example would be,
  6. Implementation of console commands, regions & more.

    • A brand new way to execute console commands when entering/leaving a region. (Now supports both player and console commands.)
    • '/cr save' has been changed to '/cr save <1-5>'
    • '/cr delete' has been changed to '/cr delete<1-5>'
    • Additions in RegionListener.
    • Fixed some of the text formatting graphical issues.
    • You are now able to change the wand material.
    • Changed the config.yml.