Command Saves [Velt] 1.0.3

Save commands you use often in a GUI

  1. Corman12
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    • 1.16
    Note: This resource requires Velt, and will not work without it.

    Have you ever been running the same commands over and over again? Do you like the ease of clicking one item in a GUI to do what you want? Command Saves provides the fix for this issue.

    Here's how it works. Install CommandSaves with Velt, then do /commandsaves tool, and right click that book to open your GUI, where you can add new commands to save, or remove existing ones.

    CommandSaves can function as a sort of teleportation or warps system too if you save /tp commands, or if you like Essentials you could save your favorite powertools onto CommandSaves as well.

    Are you sold? Great! Here's how to install it.

    1. Download Velt, add it to your plugins folder, then restart.
    2. Download CommandSaves, unzip it, add it to your plugins/Velt/scripts folder, then restart.

    If you've wondering, the permissions are "commandsaves.tool" and "commandsaves.use".

    I hope this helps you out! Let me know if you have any feedback.

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