Command Signs v2.2.0

This plugin allows admins to create Command signs, button or plates. (1.16 & 1.15)

  1. Nokorbis
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    I'm dropping the support on this plugin. Use at your own risks, I won't be giving answers anymore.
    See for more information

    Description :

    This plugin provides to admins the possibility to create special blocks (Signs, Buttons or Pressure Plates) which when a player interact with them will execute the commands that has been set for this specific block.

    Admins also have the possibility to grant temporary permissions to players.
    E.g : if your players do not have the warp permission but you want them to be able to /warp arena by a command sign, you could add the temporary permissions :

    You can also set required permission for the command block to be usable.
    E.g : If you want only VIP people to go into a specific area, you could add the required permission

    Basic tutorial (by ServerMiner) :

    Basic Commands :
    /commandsign create
    /commandsign edit
    /commandsign help

    • Spigot 1.14 is only supported by CommandSigns version 2.1.x and 2.2.x
    • Spigot 1.13 is only supported by CommandSigns version 1.6.8 and 2.0.x and 2.2.x
    • Spigot 1.12 is only supported by CommandSigns version 1.6.7
    (See version history to get the one you need)

    User Guide:

    Common problems
    • If your block is in a Worldguard area, you might want to add the Use/Interact permission in the zone permissions.

    How to ask for help ?
    These should be in every help request :
    1. Note the version of spigot you are using
    2. Note the version of command signs (/ncs version)
    3. Note any error in the logs
    4. Note the configuration of the sign that is not working

Recent Updates

  1. Better configuration
  2. Confirmation (1.14)
  3. Confirmation (1.13.2)

Recent Reviews

  1. ryanou812
    Version: v2.2.0
    Great Plugin. Does it support placeholders from placeholder api when messaging the player?
  2. Taelor
    Version: v2.2.0
    I love this plugin but am curious, has anyone gotten MyCommand commands to work with Command Signs?
  3. RylaiSlyfe
    Version: v2.2.0
    This is awesome and so useful!
    Could we maybe get Exp as a currency? so easy with the already existing /xp command!
    Thank you this otherwise is very flexible and useful thanks!
  4. Wolf2922
    Version: v2.2.0
    This plugin is truly game changing. The UI is simple to understand and the owners documentation makes it even easier to follow. Do not hesitate to download this plugin over all the other command-sign equivalents! :)
  5. stelarhalfing2
    Version: v2.2.0
    The plugin is great works the way its supposed to and the best part is you can create an economy for modded items with this on a magma 1.12 server. the only feature that would be nice to be implemented is already a feature in later versions but would be nice in the 1.12 versions which is cost because when i setup the command sign i have to do /eco take from the player and /give so then they can use the command sign as much as they want and when it reaches the bottom of the allowed balance in essentialsx it just gives instead of taking. cost feature on 1.12.2 would be amazing and make sign shops for modded items a blessing.
  6. zacharycram
    Version: v2.2.0
    Great plugin, but could you please add a feature where an executable command will be done via console, and also to set a sign's price.
    1. Nokorbis
      Author's Response
      You can. If you want the command on the sign to be run by the console, prefix it with # instead of /.
      If you want to set a price on a sign, you need an economy plugin that implements the Vault API.
  7. Lord_Lofi
    Version: v2.2.0
    Needed a quick sign plugin that let me enter in long commands in order for players to buy a separate currency for lootboxes. This was quick and super easy to implement with. great plugin that goes above and beyond. very intuitive design.
  8. DMan16
    Version: v2.2.0
    Amazing plugin! Does exactly what it's supposed to.

    For all the haters - learn to READ! OP made sure to explain everything!

    Thx and keep up the great work!
  9. Spegot
    Version: v2.2.0
    Does this plugin, or any version of it run on 1.8.8? If not, could you add comparability for it?
  10. econaga
    Version: v2.2.0
    I have an Issue, when a player tries to right click on a sign, it says that this player doesn't have the permission to do it, I did check if it was worldgard but it wasn't. I can only use these sign if i'm op. Do you have a solution ??
    1. Nokorbis
      Author's Response
      They are allowed to use the sign. It only means they do not have the permission to use the command ON the sign.
      That what "temporarily granted permission" are for.
      Or else you could use the # prefix (instead of the / ) to make the command be run by the server console