Command signs 1.0

New updated command signs plugin made for Skript ❤

  1. Triston
    Why make this?:
    There are tons of plugins that do this and they're old and outdated so I felt like I should make an updated version. Did it in under 15 lines including the options list:
    Code (Text):
        name: &1[&3Command&1]
        line1: command
    line1 is what you put in your first line to make it register, and line 2 is the command you want the player to be able to use.
    commandsign.use >>
    Allows the user to create command signs
    very big pic: Click Here

    Skype >>
    Email >> [email protected]
    or pm me here, I do plugin requests a lot and love to do them as I do get bored a lot.