Command Trader 1.1r.2

Execute commands from Wandering Traders.

  1. saint-just
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Command Trader is a lightweight plugin that removes the default Wandering Trader menu and allows you to assign any command you like to him. Additionally, you can set the Trader's name and even a greeting message.

    This example uses Shopkeepers.

    Permissions + Commands:
    - comt.reload - /comt reload -
    - comt.use - Required for Interaction -

    All settings are done from the config.yml. Keep in mind, players must have the proper permissions to use the command you set. I strongly recommend using either Shopkeepers or BossShopPro so you can set up your own shops, but the choice is ultimately yours.

    Please submit any bug as an issue on this plugin's repository.

Recent Reviews

  1. Paradaux
    Version: 1.1r.0
    Fantastic first contribution to the Spigot Community!

    Here's to your next project!
  2. ThishThinger
    Version: 1.1r.0
    Looks really cool! The developer is really nice, and the plugin works really well.