CommandAd 2.9

Monetise your server & reward your players (EULA safe)

  1. MOTDgd
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    MOTDgd Ltd

    If you run game servers on Minecraft, you're in luck
    - you can now monetise your servers effectively. We offer a fantastic alternative to donations, that is EULA safe.

    MOTDgd Ltd is a UK company, and we are proud to be a leading game ad network in the marketspace. We have over 10,000 server owners signed up worldwide, with a huge presence in the Steam marketplace.

    Our video/banner adverts will be shown via a link, your users click on in the game chat. It will open their default browser, they will watch an ad for a short time (approx 30 sec) with the purpose of getting an item, ability or command defined by you, e.g. a wooden sword, a potion etc.

    This is made possible by allowing you to run any number of custom/Minecraft commands before and/or after an advertisement is shown. You can customise this how you wish with simple & RTD style reward modes included.

    Our plugin is server friendly: We work with multiple versions of spigot, we're lightweight and not bloated, you can define a period of time that your users won't benefit from watching an ad (cooldown), specify how many ads players get before going on a cooldown, choose rewards per world or per user's group permission, blacklist worlds (from ads), make users immune from ads, and ensure people who don't get ads, don't get rewarded at your discretion. You can now also choose custom ad backgrounds, text and a logo for your ad page with your community branding!

    It is easy to install with our config file web generator, and you can reload the config file in the console to make changes on the fly.

    Our plugin is unintrusive it will only impact a player's gameplay in the way that you tell it to.

    This is a highly customisable plugin, and as such it is suitable for any type of server. It is a complete remake of our old legacy CommandAd plugin.


    For our French customers (thanks to a member):

    Essential dependencies are included automatically included/shaded in the jar (since CommandAd 2.1). You don't need to upload them separately any longer unless using an older version.

    Dependencies for communication with our ad server:

    For all commands in-game type /cad before the command (except "/ad" which you can use without it since 2.1).


    Reloads your config file – so you don’t have to restart your server for every change you make
    This works in the server console only.

    Clears the ad cooldown for all players.
    Permission: cad.clearcooldown (op only by default)

    /reset <player>
    Clears the ad cooldown for the named player.
    Permission: cad.clearcooldown (op only by default)

    Set the reward mode until server restart, (to make a permanent change you need to alter the physical config file)
    Permission: cad.modify (op only by default)

    /reward <player>

    Give the player a reward manually
    Permission: cad.reward (false by default, but works in console)

    ** Immunity (permission only) **
    This grants immunity to the ad link/reminders etc.
    Permission: cad.immunity (false by default)

    Player only Commands


    Displays the time, in hours, minutes and seconds, that a user must wait before they can get more rewards for watching adverts.


    Prints a link in the chat to an advert, only for the user.

    Versions of Minecraft
    We've tested the following Spigot versions. Due to the plugin architecture other versions should function correctly, but this is not guaranteed:

    Officially tested versions:
    1.7.10 Forge Cauldron/Thermos (for 2.1+ users)
    1.8.8 *
    1.9 *

    *Also tested on Paperspigot

    Known bugs
    If you encounter a bug please contact us.

    Advertising rates & FAQs
    Advertising rates: Click here (based on 1,000 views - CPM, changes daily) FAQs: Click here

    NOT working?
    • If you see a loading screen instead of an ad – that’s OK, there isn’t always a video ad available in the user’s country (due to fill rates).
    • We try at least serve a banner or remnant ad on our banner page/thank you page when a video is unavailable (something is better than nothing). This ensures server owners don’t lose out entirely (despite videos paying more).
    • Check your MOTDgd ID is in the plugin config file, this should be a number e.g. 1834 (it should be automatic if you're using our config generator).
    • If editing the config file manually it's possible you broke your config file format/are using the wrong format, try downloading a new one with our config generator to resolve the issue.
    • Check you're using integers in your probabilities for rewards
    • Ask your host to unblock - sometimes they block the connection to our ad server.
    • Create a support ticket in the MOTDgd Member Portal.

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Recent Reviews

  1. xXxZombieBoyXxXx
    Version: 2.9
    Great Plugin, But would really like to see it updated to 1.11. And if possible Bungee support would be amazing!
    1. MOTDgd
      Author's Response
      Hey, thank you for that! Bungee support should work fine if ip forwarding is enabled :)
  2. Ted_2001
    Version: 2.9
    Can You Update The Plugin For 1.11.2? I Got Error In Console And The Plugin Doens't Work!!!! BTW Epic Plugin
  3. EnderClan
    Version: 2.9
    Very good plugin its like adfly but for servers... well in a way. By the way it would be nice if you added bungee support
  4. Pepsi
    Version: 2.9
    Suspended my account for people using this service to get rewards in game and not clicking on the ads lol, program can be used to spam other players in game, ads barely ever even show up, don't recommend using this plugin
    1. MOTDgd
      Author's Response
      You were suspended due to your players constantly spamming ads - which is against our TOS. Poor traffic quality is unacceptable to advertisers -
  5. ahmed4455666
    Version: 2.9
    One Of the Best Plugins Ever Existed also good support and a good alternative way to pay hosting for small servers
  6. MatthewKilp
    Version: 2.7
    This plugin works brilliantly. It's a nice way to get some funding towards your server & is very customization - much better than the text based ad plugins I've used in the past. The fact that players can get rewarded for watching adverts is a bonus, and encourages them to do so. The support on their website was fast to reply to me, and responded with a really helpful and detailed response.
    Great plugin!
  7. KactiPlayzMc
    Version: 2.7
    Just i cannot see it at all. I cant view ads i dont like this. Please fix problem! Thank you! If you fix it and if it works ill go to ur discussion and say thanks
    1. MOTDgd
      Author's Response
      Please create a ticket and explain the issue you're having in detail or send a PM so we can help you resolve, thanks.
  8. JammTheGoat
    Version: 2.5
    It's a pretty good plugin, but due to my server's spread out playerbase, most of them could not view the ads. Also, you've got to be getting a lot of clicks with this for it to actually make any money, that's with any advertising platform, but just for those of you that don't know.

    Just don't expect this to help pay your hosting bill unless you have a couple hundred active players. Other than that it's a great way to monetize a server and a good alternative (or extra).
  9. Sparkedkiller
    Version: 2.2
    its not working for me.. can u help?? i drag and drop it in the plugins fule and its appears red in /pl :/ is there anything more i should install to make it work?? awsome plugin idea btw :3 thanks :)
    1. MOTDgd
      Author's Response
      Hey Sparked, please send us your config file & server console log (pastebin), your MC ip, your server version and clarify the issue. You may wish to add our Skype (on our website), or email [email protected] we will get this sorted for you! thanks
  10. 2lol555
    Version: 2.1
    The problem i had had been discussed 30 minutes after i oppened a personal conversation 10/10 Good job on the support