CommandAlert 1.0.1

Alert Admins of Commands Run By Players

  1. bendevnull
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16


    CommandAlert is a plugin that allows admins to know each command a player is using, even if the command isn't valid! This allows admins to monitor server activity, and determine if a player is exploiting a malicious vulnerability with commands, for example.


    /commandalert - Enables command alerts for you.
    /commandalert <Player> - Enables command alerts for another player, but only if they have the alert permission. (See permissions below)
    /commandalert _reload - Reloads the strings.yml file.
    /commandalert _update - Replaces the strings.yml with a fresh one from the plugin JAR.


    commandalert.alert - Allows the player to use all CommandAlert commands.
    commandalert.exempt - Exempts a player from having their alert status changed by another player.


    • This plugin was inspired by CommandWatcher, and created when I was having issues getting it to run on later versions of Minecraft.​
    • This plugin is still in development. There is a list of planned features for this plugin.​
    • Even after active development, testing will be done on new versions of Minecraft to ensure future compatibility.​

Recent Updates

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