CommandBlock Tools 1.0

Provides nifty lightweight command block helpers like coordinate input and short-term backup

  1. dxdy

    This plugin provides three light-weight CommandBlock utilities that will undoubtedly prevent frustration.

    Coordinate input
    Instead of having to manually count the blocks that a block is away from the commandblock, simply enter /cmdcoords, click on the command-block and the desired block, and the plugin will insert the neccessary coordinates directly into your command-block.

    Short-term backup / copy
    When you accidentially delete a command-block by clicking it in creative mode (it happens to the best of us!), the plugin remembers the command until it is unloaded. That means you can restore it by looking at the command block its supposed to go into and entering /cmdrestore. Can in theory also be used to copy commands from one command-block into another.

    Prevent less-careful staff from destroying command blocks
    If there are some among your team that lack appreciation for the effort that goes into getting a command perfectly correct, and tend to axe away command-blocks like blades of grass, you can prevent them from destroying the command blocks. Just set the permission "cbt.destroycommandblocks" to false for them.

    cbt.use: Use /cmdcoords, defaults to op
    cbt.restore: Use /cmdrestore, defaults to op
    cbt.destroycommandblocks: Allowed to destroy command blocks, defaults to true. (True does not mean that other normal checks are overwritten)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Infro
    Version: 1.0
    Thx for such an excellent plugin. It helped us a lot with our CB system which will auto-build the subway.

    Keep it up.
  2. Umut_
    Version: 1.0