CommandBlock 1.0

Provides an easy way to hide any commands you don't want an player to use!

  1. Axuby

    This plugin allows you to block commands to prevent an player's use.

    This plugin is easy to configure! Trust me, I'm an guy that try to make things as simple as possible, providing great, lightweight plugins.
    Here's the configuration file if you don't believe me:
    Code (Text):
    # This is the configuration file for CommandBlock made by Axuby!
    # If you have any problems / errors with this plugin, Please contact me on Spigot or MC-Market for trobuleshooting errors.
    # Thanks for using the plugin! ~ Axuby

    deny_message: '&cYou are not permitted to use this command.'
    allow_permission: ''
    - '/?'
    - '/pl'
    - '/plugins'
    - '/ver'
    - '/version'
    - '/bukkit:'
    - '/essentials:'

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    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin!