CommandBlocker 1.5

Blocks both console and player commands via a config.

  1. stormtrooper28
    BoomScoom - His Request
    Note: Does not block command blocks. Unless people ask me for it.

    This plugin works by disabling commands that start with those listed in the disable appropriate list
    For example: - /disable me
    Would cancel: /disable me please
    And: /disable me
    But not: /disable

    You can also choose to disable each list as you see fit.

    Add new commands by putting it with a "- " under the appropriate list.

    - disable console

    Use /cmdblock to reload the config!

    Custom override permissions!

    Players with this permission can use all blocked command
    Players with this permission can use the blocked command (Don't add the {}, you can leave the first '/' or remove it.
    Unless the command is like worldEdit with it's multiple '/'s then leave all '/'s in the command)
    Remember to replace {cmdName} with the specified command

    Custom Blocked Message!

    Message sent to players when their command is blocked.
    If this is "false" or invalid then no message is sent
    If this is "true" and you use Spigot, then your default unknown-command-message message is sent.
    If this is "true" and you use Bukkit or some alternative that runs this plugin, then the vanilla-singleplayer-command-not-found message is sent

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