CommandButtons 3 [Execute commands when players click on specific buttons!] 3.3.0

Supports all types of buttons and pressure plates! Includes custom permissions, economy, and more!

  1. OFFICIAL 1.13 Support, Debug Message Removal, and Tweaks

    It is highly recommended that you update and use this version!

    -CommandButtons now OFFICIALLY supports Minecraft 1.13.x! Legacy versions will still be supported.
    -Compiled with Spigot 1.13
    -Using 1.13 Vault API
    -Removed leftover debug messages
    -Small changes to the default configuration files and CommandButtons' configurations. You do not have to delete the files if you don't want to.
    -Changed the (default) help messages, please join my Discord for support. Only PM if you don't have...
  2. Reorganization of Classes and Developer Notification

    Reorganized the classes into different packages and added a listener that notifies me that you are using CommandButtons when I join.
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  3. Support For Pressure Plates & Fixes

    Thanks for waiting patiently, everyone!
    This update includes file changes, be sure to delete your configuration.yml and language.yml before you load the plugin.

    This update includes:
    -PRESSURE PLATES SUPPORT! (Thank you @Junac !)
    -fixed reloading files (fixed reload message not sending)
    -improved code
    -fixed buttons.yml not updating (fixed saving files)

    Please report any errors and suggest what you want on my official support Discord,...
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  4. Updated Package Name

    Changed the package name! I now have a website:
    Also, the plugin should work on 1.13.
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  5. Optimized Code

    Optimized the code by a little bit.
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  6. Enable Automatic Update Checking

    Added correct resource ID to update checker and enabled it. You will now get update notifications when I update this resource! :eek:
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