CommandButtons ~ Execute Commands on Button Presses 3.10.1

Supports buttons, pressure plates, and signs! Includes custom permissions, economy, and more!

  1. TIMEOUTS and Fixes!

    The update is finally here! This update includes:

    -TIMEOUTS! You can not configure how long players have to wait between Command Button usages. Suggested by @FRAGAXE!
    -Bug fixes.

    You must add the key "timeout_wait" with the timeout message to your language.yml and "timeout" with the timeout time in seconds to each of your buttons in storage.yml. If you don't know how to do this or you are worried about corrupting the plugin, simply delete all of your configuration files and restart your server.

    Thank you for all the support and suggestions for this plugin! Please consider donating to further support me @
    Enjoy the update! :)
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