CommandButtons ~ Execute Commands on Button Presses 4.2.1

Supports buttons, plates, and signs! Includes GUI customization, costs, permissions, + more!

  1. New Color Theme + More

    Sorry for not updating in a while! I reset my PC and I lost all my projects, but fortunately, this project is open-sourced :)

    • I kind of got tired of the current color theme for the plugin (gold, yellow, gray) and decided to switch it to dark red, gold, and yellow. It looks much better in my opinion, and if you are still using the default colors, I highly recommend that you switch to this new one!
    • Removed config version check as it was useless.
    • This project is now Maven!
    • Other small tweaks and improvements.

    It is mandatory for you to delete your config.yml for this update. buttons.yml has not been changed. language.yml can be deleted if you would like to see the new color theme.

    I have also implemented a new support system. General support will be provided in my Discord server, which you can find in the Overview. Errors, issues, bugs, suggestions, etc. will be handled through the official issue tracker on GitHub (link in overview). Support on Spigot will still be given but it's slower and less efficient.

    Oh, and one last thing: WE ARE ALMOST AT 200 DOWNLOADS! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! :love:
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