CommandButtons ~ Execute Commands on Button Presses 4.1.0

Supports buttons, plates, and signs! Includes GUI customization, costs, permissions, + more!

  1. Fix Permissions

    • Fixed custom permissions not functioning at all.
    • Added the ability to set the permission to "none" to allow all players to use the button.

    Thanks to everyone on Discord who helped me with fixing this issue.
    The Old Myron Siren#2673
  2. 1.14.4

    Quick update that changes the native version to 1.14.4. Optional update and shouldn't affect anything.
  3. Fixed Permissions Not Working

    Fixed an issue/bug where any player is allowed to use permission-restricted Command Buttons.
    Thank you ZellR#4386 (on Discord) for reporting this to me. :)
  4. Fixed Crucial Bug

    • Fixed a crucial bug where the chat has to be completely silent in order for a Command Button to be properly created.
    • Slight modification one startup message.
  5. Fixed Setting Message to "none", Korean Language File

    • Fixed "none" message showing when messages are removed.
    • Added Korean locale. Open the jar in archive and put the ko_language.yml file into the CommandButtons folder. Then, rename it to language.yml and replace it with the current.
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  6. [%version%]

    Introducing the largest update in CommandButtons history...
    After 6 months of waiting...
    The time has finally come...
    For me to release 4.0.
    • COMPLETE RECODE: CommandButtons has been completely rebuilt from scratch with a new API, huge bug fixes, great performance boosts, code optimization, and cleaner code.
    CUSTOMIZE BUTTONS IN-GAME: You are now able to customizable all of your Command Buttons...
  7. Direct Download

    CommandButtons is now switching to a DIRECT download, which means you are able to download older versions- keeping in mind that you will not receive support for legacy releases.
    Also, once again: CommandButtons is not dead. CommandButtons 4's GUI management is just taking a lot of time. Please be patient and don't hate <3
  8. Fix Error & Small Optimization

    Fixed the ConcurrentMethodException you may get on timeouts, and optimized the pom.xml (double maven shade plugins).
  9. New Download Method

    The download method for this plugin has been changed. You will not be notified of an update in-game, this is considered a "Silent Update".
  10. Edit Default Message

    A quick, "silent" update that changes the default "not-button" message.