CommandButtons ~ Execute Commands on Button Presses 4.2.1

Supports buttons, plates, and signs! Includes GUI customization, costs, permissions, + more!

  1. New Download Method

    The download method for this plugin has been changed. You will not be notified of an update in-game, this is considered a "Silent Update".
  2. Edit Default Message

    A quick, "silent" update that changes the default "not-button" message.
  3. Fixed Pressure Plates Not Working

  4. Support for Signs & Fixes!

    Thanks for waiting patiently, everyone! This update includes:

    -Support for SIGNS! CommandButtons signs can be activated via right click or left click, on the ground or on a wall! Signs currently support all features, meaning delays, prices, etc. already work on them! (Y'all better thank @Geitenijs for this!)
    -A chat formatting fix: you should no longer see raw color codes in your prefix and messages.
    -MAJOR bug fix: you should no longer receive an error when using...
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  5. New Color Theme + More

    Sorry for not updating in a while! I reset my PC and I lost all my projects, but fortunately, this project is open-sourced :)

    • I kind of got tired of the current color theme for the plugin (gold, yellow, gray) and decided to switch it to dark red, gold, and yellow. It looks much better in my opinion, and if you are still using the default colors, I highly recommend that you switch to this new one!
    • Removed config version check as it was useless.
    • This project is now Maven!
    • Other small...
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  6. Quick Organization Update

    The version number is the same so that server currently running CommandButtons will not get an update notification and they won't be annoyed since this is a TINY update.

    -moved "TimeoutTimer" to a new "tasks" package.
  7. Removed Test Message

    Sorry, I just realized that I forgot to remove a test message that is sent when the plugin enables.
  8. Improved Update Notifications and Enhanced Events

    Quick update:

    -Changed the update notification message.
    -Update notifications in-game for players with the "commandbuttons.updates" permission and OP's.
    -Small enhancements in events.
  9. TIMEOUTS and Fixes!

    The update is finally here! This update includes:

    -TIMEOUTS! You can not configure how long players have to wait between Command Button usages. Suggested by @FRAGAXE!
    -Bug fixes.

    You must add the key "timeout_wait" with the timeout message to your language.yml and "timeout" with the timeout time in seconds to each of your buttons in storage.yml. If you don't know how to do this or you are worried about corrupting the plugin, simply delete all of your...
  10. Code Optimization, File Fix, and New Startup Message

    This is a quick update before I start working on timeouts and tab completion.

    -Switched from singleton to dependency injection for getting the instance of the main class (code optimization).
    -Removed the "\n", or the extra line in the invalid command usage message in the default language.yml. You do not have to delete your file.
    -New fancy startup message! upload_2018-10-16_17-50-37.png

    Please remember to use my official support Discord for issues, or Private Message me if you do not have...