CommandCrates 2015-07-21

A new crate system for 1.8!

  1. MagicalAdventure
    Command Crates

    Command Crates is a simple crates plugin. It allows you to just use a few commands to access essentials kits as crates. We currently have two types of crates:
    * Basic
    * Advanced

    NOTICE: This plugin requires vault and essentials to work.

    /Crates ----> Gives you the basic command.
    /Crates Basic ----> Gives you a random basic crate.
    /Crates Advanced ----> Gives you a random advanced crate.

    /Crates ----> There is none (Default: everyone)
    /Crates Basic ----> crates.basic (Default: op)
    /Crates Advanced ----> crates.advanced (Default: op)

    **Notice:** This plugin runs the kits as the console so the players do not need permissions for kits.


    Please note I am using the newest version of craftbukkit from buildtools build #40

    1 Download Vault, Essentials and CommandCrates.
    2 Move them all to your plugins folder.
    3 Start the server.
    4 Make sure there are no errors when the plugin starts up. (If there are please contact me and I will reply soon there after!)
    5 Make the kits in the essentials config, you name the kits: CrateBasic1, CrateBasic2, ect..., CrateAdvanced1, CrateAdvanced2, ect.... (they can go up to 10)
    6 Restart or reload the server.
    7 Setup the permissions listed above.
    8 Have fun using your new crates.
    Crate Keys are Trip Wire Hooks!

    Contact Me

    My email is [email protected]
    I reply to questions errors and everything there daily.
    I do check the comments every little while so you can post there is you would like.
    I look at tickets and I reply to PMs.
    If you like my plugin, a thanks always feels good to receive.

Recent Reviews

  1. Veron
    Version: 2015-07-21
    I like the idea of random crates nice plugin
    1. MagicalAdventure
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)