CommandExecutor 1.3

Create or replace commands with list of commands, optionally executed by player/console

  1. Improvements

    - Added support of arguments in commands
    - Added new configurable option '%executor:player%': command will only be executed by the player (if not entered, command will be executed by default by console)
    - Added new configurable option '%usage%MyMessage': to show the command usage, if not used well.
    - Added new configurable utilities:
    - '%broadcast%MyMessage': send message to all online players
    - '%say%MyMessage': the player will say MyMessage in chat
  2. Improvements

    - Added new configurable '%sendMessage%': send a configurable message to the player who executed the command
    - Added new configurable '%permission%': the player can't execute the command if it doesn't have a configurable permission
    - Added reload command: reload the config.yml (need permission commandexecutor.reload)
  3. Improvements

    - Updated code: now unlimited aliases are possible via config.yml & commands.yml
    - Added 'no-perm' and 'unknown-command' messages configurable in config.yml
    - Added 'sendConsoleMessage': show in console when a player use the command