CommandFix 1.1

Show commands in console, except AuthMe and RemoteToolkit

  1. ArcasCZ
    Hello everonye!

    My name is Arcas, I'm owner of and I want to introduce my new plugin. I created it 'cause of KCauldron and Cauldron at 1.7.10 shows all commands, include AuthMe and RemoteToolkit. And that's unfair to players. However, owner of server needs to see, what happens on server. So this is solution!

    • show commands in console
    • hide commands from AuthMe and RemoteToolkit
    • Download latest version
    • Put jar into plugins folder
    • In spigot.yml set commands.log to false
    • Restart server
    • ArcasCZ issued AuthMe command.
    • ArcasCZ issued Wrapper command.
    • ArcasCZ issued server command: /spawn

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