⚚ Control usage location of every command ✖ Block or Allow commands in certain region ✔

  1. [Ho Ho Ho]

    Added 1.13.1 support

    Plugin is now implented into CreativeSecurity plugin with even more optimizations and improvements, and i'm continue providing support for CommandGuard but in CreativeSecurity plugin, so start using CreativeSecurity, if you cannot afford, message me i will give it to you for free

    Plugin is much more optimized and improved
    Size of plugin is also 40% reduced

    Added new very unique and useful thing that many people been looking for..

    Now there is new execution-on-players.yml which gives you ability to prevent certain commands to be used on players that are in certain regions

    There is milions of things how staff team can abuse with teleporting players outside regions if they are in minigames..or example if players are in duel and have spawned kits/inventory and staff...
  3. [Small Update]

    + Added prevention/blockade for /ehelp [TAB]
    + Added ability for players to be able to finish other players nickname with using [TAB] but they are still not able see plugins or commands so its completely secured

  4. [Koloterorita ✌]

    - Now plugin perfectly blocks all possilibities to see plugins example
    continue plugin name with pressing [TAB] or /about [TAB] everything is fully secured..but also you have still ability to continue using [TAB] for example players names

    - If you want any non-OP person to get access to the /About [tab] etc. Just give them the 'commandguard.bypass' permission

  5. Advanced plugins & commands hide feature

    Added almost unique ability to hide bukkit informations and any ability to someone see your plugins or any command list (only 1 more plugin have that)

    You are able to block in spigot.yml tab-completer but players are still able to use /about or few more commands and press tab to see all your plugins and useful important informations, and till now you couldn't do anything about it..

    example if you type /about and press [TAB] you will see all plugins..if you type /help [TAB] or / [TAB] you...