CommandHook 1.0.7

Allow vanilla selectors in command blocks

  1. 1.17 Update

    Updated mapping.
    Tested on Spigot only as other forks are not available yet.
    Backwards compatibility untested, but should work.
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  2. Player Level fix

    Added method to validate 'level=x' arguments in selector.
    Rewrites old syntax of 'l=x' and 'lm=x' to respective 'level=x' format.
    Should support both 1.13 and 1.14
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  3. 1.14 support

    Quick edit for 1.14 (method names changed)
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  4. QuickFix for newer Spigot!

    Tested & working on git-Spigot-f56e2e7-ad6070d.
    b() method was given an overridePermissions boolean that caused the issue.
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  5. Error wrapping

    This update handles InvocationTargetException in friendlier way. If the error was thrown because of bad input, you'll get more meaningful message like this:
    CommandBlock at -105 84 -123 has thrown SyntaxException. Please check the input. (e[distance=..150,type=minecaft:player] (....150,type=<--[HERE]))
    Also, if you have old CommandBlocks that use radius as 'r' instead of new 'distance', they will be (hopefully) auto fixed (r=150 -> distance=..150)
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  6. 1.13.2 Fix!

    Edited RefUtil to match removed method. Sorry for the delay!
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