CommandNPC 1.9.1

Add Commands to your Citizens 2 NPC! 1.12 Ready (When Citizens comes out)

  1. CommandNPC v1.9.1!

    • Added '-i' to 'cmdadd' and 'cmdset' (When true, noPerm message doesn't send)
    • Added '-l' to 'cmdadd' and 'cmdset' (When true, noMoney message doesn't send)
    • Added PlaceholderAPI support for commands
    • Fixed bug where it said '-r' was invalid flag for 'cmdset'
    • Changed error logging for incorrect usage of BungeeCord command 'server'
    • Updated commands.yml to v1.9.1 (Is backwards compatible)
    • Optimized database loading sequence (Rather than checking every old version of...
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  2. CommandNPC v1.9.0!

    • Added cooldowns - per npc, per command
    • Added '--cd cooldown' to 'cmdadd' and 'cmdset'
    • Added '-m' to 'cmdset' (Use this when setting the cooldown message)
      • Usage: /npc cmdset -m You need to wait a little bit
    • Commands.yml is still backwards compatible. No need to do anything. Updated for v1.9.0
    • Fixed an issue where if something went wrong with the command it didn't go through the others commands after it.
      • By wrong, meaning not enough money, or...
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  3. CommandNPC v1.8.9!

    • Fixed a rare issue
    • Actually added Metrics
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  4. CommandNPC v1.8.9!

    • Added Metrics
    • Added Maven support (for developers)
    • Added '-r' to cmdset (forgot to for 1.8.8 and
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  5. CommandNPC v1.8.8.2 BUG FIX

    Quick bug fix for the enumeration of ClickType.

    'left' or 'punch' can be used for clickType by command or config.yml

    'right' or 'interact' can be used for clickType by command or config.yml

    'both' or 'all' can be used for clickType by command or config.yml

    Capitalization does not matter anymore.
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  6. CommandNPC v1.8.8!

    • Added a random flag to the command cmdadd and cmdset. This allows for 1 command out of all the commands set for that npc to be executed.
    • Added customization of messages sent out from the plugin. (See the new language.yml file)
    • Added the ability to remove the cooldown message in the configuration file.
    • Fixed - Now able to add decimals into costs! This was an issue with StringUtils, I opted for regexes.
    • Fixed the possibility if ab error when 'BungeeCord' was false on...
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  7. CommandNPC v1.8.7!

    • Added BungeeCord support for 'server <serverName>' command
    • Added support for a delay of commands by ticks (20 ticks in a second)
    • Added the extra variable into commands.yml. (IS BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!)
    • Changed 'CommandNPC' prefix
    • Changed default/fallback of 'ExecuteCommandMessage' to false
    • Changed the spacer in commands.yml from '~' to '~~~' (By request, as the previous interfered with commands)
    • Fixed issue where 'ExecuteCommandMessage' would always be true...
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  8. CommandNPC v1.8.6.2 BUG FIX

    • Fixed 'cmdadd' command. Would set clickType to null by default throwing NullPointer unless you defined clickType to begin with.
  9. CommandNPC v1.8.6!

    • Fixed 'cmdadd' command. Now grabs variables correctly everytime
    • Fixed the possibility of throwing an error if Vault is not installed
    • Added /npc cmdinfo [id]
    • Added /npc cmdset <id> [--p perm] [--v cost] [--t clickType] [-c console] [-o Op] [command....]
    • Added /npc cmdremove <id>
    • Added the ability to have a clickType per command! (If you don't set it, it will result to the global standard set in config.yml)
    • Added ID's to commands to make it easier to...
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