CommandOnRespawn 0.1 Java 7

command on respawn

  1. MrGussio
    A very simple, lightweight plugin what executes a command once the player hits the respawn-button.

    Works with permissions and everything, so if you don't have a permission for something, it will send them the message like they would've get when they typed it themselves.

    Contact me if I have to add something to this plugin.

    Currently Known Issues
    - If you set the command to output a message, it is most likely that the player who respawns is not going to see it. This is due to the fact that Spigot does the event first, and than lets the player respawn. In the little fraction of time the player is in the loading screen, it will not keep track of any incoming messages.
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Recent Updates

  1. Java 7 compatible
  2. Fixed some bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. AdminGamer101
    Version: 0.1 Java 7
    I used to use this on my Hardcore server, so people got banned on respawn. I love it, and I would use it again! <3 it
  2. 8Marc8
    Version: 0.1 Java 7
    Works perfect mate! This is exactly what I needes. Run at Console would be awesome, too. Keep up your good work :-)
  3. GordonDaFreeman
    Version: 0.2
    Nice plugin :D i have searched for a plugin like this a long time!
    5 Stars if this plugin is useable for java 7!
    1. MrGussio
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback!

      Is it not working in Java 7?
      If it isn't, please send me your error logs so I'm able to fix the issue.
  4. CodeForum
    Version: 0.2
    Wow! <3 Has been watching after a plugin like this. Thank you. Stay up the good work! ;) Are you gonna create a tutorial on this plugin? ;)
    1. MrGussio
      Author's Response
      I might do some on YouTube, if a lot of people want to!