CommandPerLevel 1.1

Add one or more commands for each level you want from the config file

  1. fOox974

    Description :
    With this plugin you can add as many console commands you want for each level chosen by you. There are also base includes the ability to change the maximum health a player based on its level ( in the default config file that value is 0, disable) , this value can be changed in game or via the configuration file.

    Permanent Link, up to date :

    Commands :
    /perLevel reload -
    This command reload the config file , no need to restart the server after changing config file
    /perLevel set health<value> -
    This command changes the number of maximum health point depending on the level of the players
    /perLevel set level <value> -
    Configure combien de level le joueur gagnera de la santé

    Default Config file :

    Code (Text):

    # CommandPerLevel made by fOox974


      AddHealth: 0

      LevelSeparate: 1

    # Chaque level ( ou chaque tranche de level ) un point de vie (demi coeur) sera rajouté au joueur  Each level point of life (half heart) will be added to the player

    # Ici vous avez la possibilité d'ajouter autant de nodes voulu, pour chaque levels

    # Vous pouvez utiliser la variable $player qui retourne le Joueur qui déclenche l'action

    # Vous pouvez également utiliser les couleurs minecraft

    # Vous avez la possibilité de créer plusieurs commandes pour le même level

    # Here you have the possibility to add as many nodes wanted for each levels

    # You can use the variable $player that returns the player who triggers the action

    # You can also use the minecraft colors

    # You can create multiple commands for the same level


      # Nom unique / Unique name


        # level requis pour éxécuter la commande / Level required to execute the command

        level: 5

        # Commande console à effectuer / Console command to perform

        cmd: 'pex user $player add perm.nodes'


        level: 5

        cmd: 'w $player You Win perm to .. '


        level: 4

        cmd: 'pex user $player remove perm.nodes'


        level: 100

        cmd: 'bc &6Wow &4$player &6est Level 100 !'


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    Thank you


    Ju aka fOox974

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