CommandReplacement 1.1.0

Change or cancel command if player [don't] have some permission.

  1. En_0t_S
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Commands & Permissions:* - With this permission you don't need any other permission to replace command.

    *You can use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in command and in replace.
    *To transfer command arguments from replaced command just put $args after command in command and replace, like: command: "/pm $args" | replace: "/mail send $args"
    *To replace command, with some arguments, put $args after command, like: command: "/pm $args"
    Code (Text):
      1st: ## if player don't have "essentials.gamemode", then command "/gm 1" or "/gm 1 playerName" will be changed to "/suicide".
        command: "/gm $args"
        replace: "/suicide"
        permission: "essentials.gamemode"
        needperm: false
      2nd: ## if player have "essentials.nick", then command "/nick gold" will be changed to "/nick &6playerDisplayName".
        command: "/nick gold"
        replace: "/nick &6%player_displayname%"
        permission: "essentials.nick"
        needperm: true
      3rd: ## if player don't have "essentials.afk", then command "/afk" or "/afk some args" will be changed to "/unknowncommand".
        command: "/afk $args"
        replace: "/unknowncommand" ## player will recieve unknown command message, cause this command does not exists.
        permission: "essentials.afk"
        needperm: false
      4th: ## if player don't have "essentials.list", then command "/list" will be cancelled.
        command: "/list"
        replace: "" ## no message, just cancelled command.
        permission: "essentials.list"
        needperm: false

    • Ability to use only certain arguments.
    • Support for regular expressions.
    • Reload command.
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Recent Updates

  1. PlaceholderAPI support.
  2. Removed debug message.

Recent Reviews

  1. thienbao860
    Version: 1.0.1
    This is a remix plugin :/. Looks exactly as MyCommand plugin to me, Why did you do this
    1. En_0t_S
      Author's Response
      I didn't know about other MyCommand plugin. This plugins works different, my plugin don't creates new commands, it only replaces commands that you entered. Example: you can replace /home to /teleport (command that open some shop where player can bougth this command for money) if player don't have permission essentials.home but if he have this permission, plugin do not replace it and player will be teleported to home.
      And if you about this then this plugin don't updates anymore.