Commands in Countdown 1.1.4

Simple plugin to execute timed commands.

  1. Repeat Bug Fixing

    Fixed the bug called in 1.1.3 Bug Fix. :D
  2. Bugfix

    If an entry gets created through "createbyid" but the entry already exists, then the times are getting added together. Now the "old time" value is the running value instead of the static value of the config.
  3. Bugfix

    "time" in /commands saves info <id> had no value FIXED
  4. Bugfixes

    A change that just makes it more userfriendly :)
  5. Saves

    • Command to create an entry with an own id
    • Command to add time to an entry / or remove
    • Command to delete commands of an entry
    • Command to delete an entire entry
    • Remake of the help menue
    • little bug fixes
    New Feature: Saves
    Saves are like templates. You can define a command as a save which can be loaded everytime.
  6. Language change

    I havent added a language file yet but changed the standard language from german to english.
  7. Little Update

    • Added a debug mode
    • Added time to /commands list