CommandsForSale v1.2.7

Bukkit plugin that blocks the use of configurable commands unless they are purchased.

  1. Tecno_Wizard

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    Please note: The plugin will say that there is an update until ekclifford from Bukkit updates the resource. Don't worry though, have disabled the auto-update function as it was very buggy.

    CommandsForSale is an extremely lightweight plugin that allows for commands to be blocked until they are purchased. Operators, moderators, and the console are exempt from needing to purchase commands. Each command is set up in the configuration file with the price and all other aliases of the command.

    • /buycmd [Command Name]- Initiates the purchase of a command. Once the purchase has begun, it must be confirmed by /confirm or /deny if the user does not want to continue. Note that /buycmd alone will open the shop GUI. Purchases cannot be made if it leaves the player with a negative balance
    • /buyonce <CommandName> [price]- buys a one time use pass for the command named. Adding the price argument will state the price of that command. There is no confirmation for these purchases.The pass will allow the next attempted use of the command and can stack.
    • /confirm- Confirms the purchase initiated by /buycmd or if the GUI was closed without finishing
    • /deny- Denies the purchase initiated by /buycmd or if the GUI was closed without finishing
    • /boughtcmds [Player Name]- Lists all the commands that the user has purchased. To see other players, the sender must have the cmdsforsale.moderator permission. (Console exempt)
    • /cmdstobuy- Lists the command that the sender can purchase (Not including commands already purchased)
    • /cmdsforsale <reload || addcmd || addalias || updatestatus>- Note: This command requires the permission node cmdsforsale.moderator (Console exempt). /cfs is an alias of this command
    Subcommands of /cmdsforsale
    • reload- Refreshes the configuration file including any edits made to be auto-generated.
    • addcmd <Command Name>- Adds a command to the config and creates the settings necessary to configure the command
    • addalias <Command Name> <Alias Name>- Adds the specified alias to the command given
    • updatestatus- Gives the status from the last update attempt
    • Vault (For an economy)
    • cmdsforsale.moderator - Gives the player access to all subcommands of /cmdsforsale and can view other player's purchases. Players are also exempt from buying commands with this node.
    • cmdsforsale.buyexempt - Exempt the player from the purchase of commands without giving them moderator abilites. Moderators do not need to be given this permission.
    • cmdsforsale.use - Gives the player access to commands in commandsforsale. This is on by default.
    Configuration File
    The configuration file of CommandsForSale can be slightly confusing. The system is designed to be user friendly while using as little resources as possible when it is read by the compute To read more about the configuration file, head over to here, as it is too long to put on the main page.

    Coming Soon
    Development by myself has been suspended, but I promised compatibility updates.

    External Resources
    Plugin Metrics
    This plugin uses PluginMetrics, a service that allows plugin developers to see how their plugin is being used. The following data is read from the server in some way or another:

    • File Contents of plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml (created if not existent)
    • Players currently online (not max player count)
    • Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)
    • Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin
    • Mineshafter status - it does not properly propagate Metrics requests however it is a very simple check and does not read the file system
    The following data is sent to

    • Metrics revision of the implementing class
    • Server's GUID (I can't see this)
    • Players currently online (not max player count)
    • Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)
    • Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin
    ALL data that I receive has been posted in the usage stats section of this page.

    This plugin uses Updater. This service will automatically update the plugin without any work from a server owner. It can be disabled in the CommandsForSale config, and is explained in the config PDF file.

    Source Code
    GitHub Link (This is the latest update. Work towards the next is shown in branches.)

    Usage Stats
    All data from MCStats that I receive has been posted here.

    Known Issues With v1.2.7

    Have an error? Submit a ticket! Have a suggestion? I'd love to hear your opinions!:

    Despite having more than 50 hours of work into this plugin, I still offer it for free! I really appreciate donations though. If you enjoy what I have made, I would really appreciate a donation to my work.



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Recent Reviews

  1. FreddyBobMC
    Version: v1.2.5
    Hi! Great plugin but I really don't understand bits of it. For instance, I think I have given the right permissions for the purchases in general but for some reason when I try to buy a specific command it says I don't have permission. It shows me that the command is there but I cannot buy it, thank you for your help.
    Have a good day.
    1. Tecno_Wizard
      Author's Response
      You changed the permission requirements. Set the command permission to "void"
  2. Bolean
    Version: 1.2.3
    i love this one
    1. Tecno_Wizard
      Author's Response
      Thank you!