CommandSigns 1.0

Run commands by clicking a signs

  1. MrGhettoCraft
    CommandSigns allows you to run commands through the use of signs. The plugin is permission based, therefore if a player is allowed to create a sign, he won't be allowed to spawn in items. When a player clicks the sign, CommandSigns checks to see if they have access to the command on the sign, if they have the permission, the command is run through.

    How to
    1. Download CommandSigns
    2. Place it in your (/Plugins) folder
    3. Start the server
    4. Enjoy!
    This plugin could be used for many things;

    • Time Change
    • Weather Change
    • Warps
    • Teleporting
    • Giving Kits
    • And many many more!
    Making a Sign

    • Possibly a basic spam guard
    • More permission suppprt
    Permission Nodes
    Permission Node Info
    1. commandsign.create Allows players to create command signs
    2. commandsign.use Allows players to use command sign
    Please report any and all bugs in the ticket section above, or leave a comment. Remember to post all error messages so I may help to my fullest extent

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