CommandSpy [1.7-1.14] 1.4

Spy on everybody's commands!

  1. Metrics

    This plugin now uses a new, custom Metrics system!
    - Your server will only send the name of the plugin and a confirmation key to the metrics system.

    - No IPs or other information are logged, except the time of the data being sent.

    This update is not major, so you do not need to update. I have kept the same version to avoid the automatic update checker requesting you to...
  2. 1.14 support!

    - Added support for 1.14
    - Compiled against 1.14
    - Improved update checker
  3. General update

    - Coded against 1.13 (still works for 1.7-1.12)
    - Removed unnecessary code
    - Added new update checker (checks every 15 mins and on operator join - for bungee mode, users must have 'bungeeupdate.check' to receive update notifications)
    - Removed auto updater
    - Fixed download link
    - Improved broadcast method (no longer loops over every player)

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  4. Metrics

    Update notes:

    - [+] Custom Metrics System

    These metrics are always left on.

    (Metrics does not collect any server data)