CommandTermBlock 1.0

Block terms in specified commands, or block specific commands.

  1. Henry
    Based on this request from BoomScoom:

    Command Term Block
    Block commands or terms in a command.


    commandtermblock.reload - Access to /reload-ctb.
    commandtermblock.bypass - Bypass the term block filter if enabled in the config.

    Code (Text):
    # Specify the terms you wish to block here.
    - "-1"

    # If you want players with the permission commandtermblock.bypass to bypass the term filter, set this to true.
    permission-bypass: true

    # If you want to ignore the block-terms-in-commands list, set this to true.
    block-in-all-commands: false

    # Specify the commands you want to block terms in.
    - buy

    # Specify the commands you want to block fully. commandtermblock.bypass does not affect this.
    - op

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