CommandToggle 1.0.0

Toggle commands on and off globally or for individual players

  1. Herogx
    Ever had a player abuse a particular command? Wanted to turn it off for just them?

    Ever seen a plugin you really wanted to use but it comes with a command that you are not okay with having on your server?

    CommandToggle is for you. You can disable commands on the fly, not just globally, but for individual players. So if someone is abusing a particular command, you can disable it just for them. Commands save upon restart, so once you disable a command, it is disabled until you re-enable it.

    • - Allow players to see the help menu.
    • - Allow players to toggle commands globally.
    • commandtoggle.player - Allow players to toggle commands per player.
    If you happen to be a silly billy and disable the toggle command, the console ignores any commands that are disabled and you can just run /toggle global toggle to re-enable it there.


    Todo list
    • Make a messages.yml for language support
    • Build a prefix into the messages.yml
    • Timed toggles ie toggle a command for 30 minutes on a player, or 60 minutes globally, etc.
    • List command for commands disabled per player/globally
    • Inverter command, to make it so that all commands are disabled unless you toggle them on.

    Found a bug?
    Please PM me and I will get to it as soon as I can.

    Have a suggestion?
    Tell me about it :)

Recent Reviews

  1. KingDutchIsBad
    Version: 1.0.0
    I know this plugin is 4 years old. This plugin was amazing I would love the Todo list to be made, but, sadly the author has not been online for 4 years.